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Floral Photography Coasters


Sandstone Drink Coasters

* 4.25″ in diameter – the perfect size for any cup, can, or bottle
* Made of sandstone with a cork pad backing
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed
* Not dishwasher safe

Red Rose - Coaster coaster
Red Rose – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Dew Drops on a Yellow Daisy - Coaster coaster
Dew Drops on a Yellow Daisy – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Wysteria - Coaster coaster
Wysteria – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Red Rose Dew - Coaster coaster
Red Rose Dew – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Orange Blossom - Coaster coaster
Orange Blossom – Coaster by bluebeachsong

White Rose Bud - Coaster coaster
White Rose Bud – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Pink Cherry Blossoms - Coaster coaster
Pink Cherry Blossoms – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Blueberry Blossoms - Coaster coaster
Blueberry Blossoms – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Blue Daisy - Coaster coaster
Blue Daisy – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Blue Daisy Bud - Coaster coaster
Blue Daisy Bud – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Monster Flower - Coaster coaster
Monster Flower – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Orchid Face - Coaster coaster
Orchid Face – Coaster by bluebeachsong

Click for more Floral Photography Coasters or visit the Blue Beach Song™ Shop at Zazzle!

Photography by Martie Hevia:

Blue Beach Song™ Photography by Martie Hevia includes in its subject matter California’s beautiful seascapes, landscapes, flora, and fauna – as well as what I call everyday “walk art”™ or the kind of incidental art you discover by walking around neighborhoods. The photography is available for purchase as posters and framed prints, in any size, and in any frame style and canvas quality of your choice.

More at Photography by Martie Hevia & Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Martie Hevia © All Rights Reserved

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