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Christmas Snowman Heart-Shaped Notebook

Christmas Snowman (Heart-Shaped) Spiral Notebook
Front Cover | Personalize with Your Message & Name

Christmas Snowman (Heart-Shaped) Spiral Notebook
Back Cover | Personalize with Your Photo

Christmas Snowman (Heart-Shaped) Spiral Notebook
Pick from a variety of page-types, lined/unlined, and spiral colors.

Christmas Snowman (Heart-Shaped) Spiral Notebook

by Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Blue Beach Song™ Holiday Designs: The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. No holiday is more imbued with tradition, music, gifts, food, and family time than Christmas. Share your festive mood this holiday season with this Christmas Holiday necessity: the gift shopping list. This “Christmas Snowman Shopping List Heart-Shaped Spiral Notebook” is customizable with your messages and photo. You can even choose between a variety of lined and unlined page types inside.

Heart-Shaped Spiral Bound Notebook: Accessorize while you organize with these hand made spiral notebooks. The front and back covers are customizable with your images and text, and the notebook covers are laminated to ensure durability. Choose from 3 notebook styles, 6 different spiral colors and 8 page design options to make your one-of-a-kind notebook today.

  • Dimensions: 8″ l x 8″ w
  • Page Count: 60 sheets, 120 pages
  • 60 lb. durable text smooth paper
  • Laminated front and back covers, plain white inside
  • Choice of 6 colors for the spiral
  • Choice of 2 designs for the pages
  • CPSIA compliant

Blue Beach Song™ Creations:

Blue Beach Song™ Designs by Martie Hevia include my eclectic collection of photographs and designs on quality products you can personalize & customize.

More at Photography by Martie Hevia & Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Martie Hevia © All Rights Reserved

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