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Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Travel Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Journal

Christmas WordArt™ Canvas Travel Journal

by Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Blue Beach Song™ Holiday Designs: The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. No holiday is more imbued with tradition, music, gifts, food, and family time than Christmas. Share your festive mood this holiday season with this Christmas Holiday necessity: the travel journey. This canvas travel journal is the perfect place to record your holiday adventures and memories.

Canvas Journal: Document your next adventure with our canvas travel journal, handmade in Kenya and decorated in San Jose, California. Featuring a diagonal pocket on one side that’s perfect for your iPad mini or city guide, and a full-size pocket–perfect for your notebook journal. Interior loop detail ensures you’re never without a pen to jot down directions, and a sliding tongue closure keeps your precious cargo in place.

    -Dimensions: 6.5”w x 8.75”h; left pocket designed to fit Apple iPad Mini
    -Materials: Canvas with leather trim
    -Includes refillable MOLESKINE® notebook (5″ x 8.25″)
    -Unique laser etching decoration process allows you to make it your own
    -Spot clean only
    -Handmade in Kenya, decorated in the United States

Please note, as it’s made of natural material, each piece varies slightly in texture and color. Like all waxed canvas products, the natural development of kinks, scars and marks will develop and become part of the character of the journal.

At Zazzle, our mission is to give people everywhere the power to make anything imaginable—including a better world. When you purchase products from The Adventure Collection, you are participating in a unique collaboration that is changing lives and communities in Kenya.

Blue Beach Song™ Creations:

Blue Beach Song™ Designs by Martie Hevia include my eclectic collection of photographs and designs on quality products you can personalize & customize.

More at Photography by Martie Hevia & Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Martie Hevia © All Rights Reserved

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