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Blue Beach Song™ Product Lines:

A list of various product lines, product designs & creations by Blue Beach Song™. Most products can be customized and personalized.

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Blue Beach Song™ Product Lines | Zazzle Shop

    • A Positive Word:

      Words are powerful and a positive word can change the world for the better. It can change an individual’s mood, attitude, or interactions with others; it can motivate or inspire; it can bring joy and happiness; it can trigger a smile or a laugh. Be positively powerful by spreading the word.

      Be Happy zazzle_stickerLove - A Positive Word zazzle_magnetBe Kind - A Positive Word zazzle_magnetHappy Dance (2c) - Fade to Black Round Stickers zazzle_sticker

    • Attitude: Not Just A Label Products:

      “Not Just A Label” products announce to the world that you are more than just a label. Who are you? Let people get to know the real you. Customize and personalize these products.
      Drama Teen - Social Media Personal Card zazzle_profilecardDreamer - Social Media Personal Card zazzle_profilecardPretty Face - Social Media Personal Card zazzle_profilecardBeach Bum - Social Media Personal Card zazzle_profilecard

    • Attitude: Play Hard/Work Hard Products:

      Playing hard and working hard is a philosophy about how you choose to live your life. It’s about always doing your best; it’s about getting up when you get knocked down; it’s about being fully in the moment in which you find yourself; it’s about achieving balance in your life. No one embodies or embraces this philosophy more than young people, college students, athletes… or those of us with that kind of heart, ambition, dedication, and commitment to life.
      Firefighters - Play Hard/Work Hard Shirt zazzle_shirtCoaches - Play Hard/Work Hard Shirt zazzle_shirtTeachers - Play Hard/Work Hard Shirt zazzle_shirtMoms - Play Hard/Work Hard Shirt zazzle_shirt

    • Beach Fun:

      Blue skies, warm breeze, soft sand, and cool waves, what could be better than a day at the beach? (Ahmmm…. still thinking.) So share your love of the beach and the beach culture with these Beach Fun products by Blue Beach Song, for the beach girl and surfer dude in all of us!
      Beach Girl zazzle_mugJust Beachy zazzle_mugBeach Girl - Swirls - Shirt zazzle_shirtBeach Girl - Footprints & Swirls 2 - Tote Bag zazzle_bag

    • California Coastline Products:

      California’s diverse topography & moody climate morph its coastline from fun & sun, to cold & fog; from dramatic & inaccessible, to easy & inviting; a true beach lover’s dream.
      California Coastline - Carmel Sunset (2) - Poster zazzle_printCalifornia Coastline Card Series (14) zazzle_cardCalifornia Coastline Card Series (15) zazzle_cardCalifornia Coastline Card Series (7) zazzle_card

    • California Gardens Products:

      These beautiful and untouched photographs of flowers, plants, and trees grown in my California garden show what a breathtaking world can exist in your own backyard, if you nurture nature.
      Blueberry Blossoms - Coaster zazzle_coasterRed Rose - California Gardens Postage zazzle_stampDew Drops on a Yellow Daisy - Coaster zazzle_coasterOrange Blossom - California Gardens Card zazzle_card

    • California Seasons Products:

      The seasons of California are not defined by the calendar, but more by the micro-climates and topography, which offer so much variety and beauty. Drive 20 minutes in the summer and experience a 50 degree difference in temperature – from 106° in San Jose to 56° in Half Moon Bay, from mountains to rocky coastlines. This is what I define as our California Seasons.
      California Seasons - Coyote Creek zazzle_postcardCalifornia Seasons - SF Bay Area - Poster zazzle_printCalifornia Seasons - Redwoods Road - Postcard zazzle_postcardCalifornia Seasons - Lake Tahoe - Poster zazzle_print

    • California Wildlife Products:

      California’s diverse wildlife co-exists in close proximity to many of us who live here. Within a mile or two from our homes, in our foothills and mountains, hiking trails and park paths, in our backyards and beaches, and all around us in the skies above, we are graced with coyote, mountain lions, deer, wild turkey, wild boar, cattle, sheep, goats, sea otters, whales, sea lions, seagulls, turkey hawks, and a wide variety of other air, land and sea animals.
      Mother Hummingbird - Print/Poster zazzle_printDeer (1a) - Customizable zazzle_cardNeeded To Say - Customizable Card - Deer 1 zazzle_cardSpread Your Wings - Seagull Poster zazzle_print

    • Eclectic Collection Products:

      An eclectic mix of my photographs and designs that I find interesting, inspirational, or beautiful, but which have little in common, make up this Blue Beach Song product line.

    • Famous Words Products:

      Sometimes the words from ages past can inspire, motivate, and express what you want to say when the words escape you. The insight and wisdom is as relevant today as in the time those words were written by Plato, Socrates, Da Vinci, Wadsworth, Emerson, and so many others.
      Famous Words: Tree - da Vinci - Poster Famous Words: Poetry - White Daisy Card Series (2) zazzle_cardFamous Words: Peace - Walk On Beach - Poster zazzle_print Famous Words: Flight - Seagull - Poster

    • Green Scene Products:

      Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and you too can save the planet one bag, one can, one bottle, one light bulb, one step at-a-time. Join the Green Scene and the planet you save could be your own!
      Saving the Planet Grocery Bag zazzle_bagGrocery Bag 6 zazzle_bagBYOB: Bring Your Own Grocery Bag 7 zazzle_bagBlue Flowers Field Garden Apron (Personalize) zazzle_apron

  • Holiday & Special Days Products:

    The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. This product line includes the following categories: Any Season (Special Days & Occasions); Autumn Season; Spring Season; Summer Season; Winter Season. These categories hold every holiday, special day and occasion of our lives. Celebrate them!

  • Holiday/Special Day: Any Season | Special Days & Occasions Products:

    The Special Days & Occasions is a growing product line which includes Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well, Graduation, Sympathies, and Thank You designs and products, among others.

  • Holiday/Special Day: Easter Products:

    The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. Easter is one of those times for many of us. Celebrate spring and share your happy Easter wishes through this Blue Beach Song product line, with products you can customize and personalize.

  • Holiday/Special Day: Halloween Products:

    The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. One of our best-loved traditions is to go Trick-or-Treating with our kids or with friends. Customize most products with a name or message.

  • Holiday/Special Day: St. Patrick’s Day Products:

    Irish or not, top o’ the morning to you and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate the day and share the festivities with these Blue Beach Song designs, Irish sayings, blessings & proverbs… and may your home always be too small to hold all your friends!

  • Holiday/Special Day: Valentine’s Day Products:

    The holidays, special days and seasons of our lives help us mark and track the passage of time, collecting memories as we share traditions, time, food, music, gifts, and greeting cards with each other. No holiday symbolizes love more than Valentine’s Day. Share your declaration or expression of love with these Valentine’s Day products.

  • Just Kids at Heart Products:

    Let’s admit it, we are all still kids at heart, aren’t we? So give your adult-self a break and have a little fun, laugh a little more, see the world the way you used to – simply wonderful and wonderfully simple. (Tag! You’re it!)

  • Just Say It:

    Something to say? Just say it! Wear it on your sleeve or hat! Showcase it! Express yourself! Have fun with it!

  • Peace & Love Products:

    Regardless of culture or religion, race or national origin, we all share a fragile little ball in space, which deserves and requires that we all strive for a world of peace and love.

  • Photo Prints & Posters:

    I am a photographer who sees photographs as equally artistic and powerful, able to inspire and inform. A photograph can capture a moment in our lives or snatch a fraction of a second of an ordinary event and make it extraordinary. We can hold photographs, study them, be moved by them, and travel back in time with them. That is real power, which is real art. Some of my Blue Beach Song photos, which include California coastline, wildlife, and flowers subject matter, are available for purchase as framed prints. The prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper.

  • Proud Poodle Products:

    Poodles are proud, playful, loyal companions, who don’t quite know they are dogs. These incredibly intelligent, intuitive and loving members of your family, have a surprising sense of humor and a little bit of attitude. Celebrate poodle pride.

  • Proud To Be Products:

    The “Proud To Be” product line celebrates you. Are you proud of your ethnic heritage, birth place, state, lifestyle, religion, school, favorite team, military service? Then let the world know with a “Proud To Be” design. Proud To Be: Hyphenated-American; Occupations; Patriotic; State Pride; and U.S. Military/Veterans/Families.

  • Wild Flower Child Products:

    The beauty of a wild flower and the spirit of a flower child, the freedom to be what nature dictates and the freedom to go where the wind takes you… that’s a wild-flower-child!

  • World Traveler Products:

    Coming Soon!

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